About the author



Hugo Edward Werstler began his writing career at an early age while growing up in Tucson, Arizona. His first published work, a poem titled “The Roadrunner” had won a runner up selection in a city wide contest for elementary students.
He began working on his first major project at the age of 17. Inspired by a deep passion for reading as well as an enjoyment for musical composition, the earliest version of the novel “The Kingfisher” took form.

Werstler wrote mainly has a hobby before attending college, but by the advice of the college’s poetry department-head he decided to declare as an English major his sophomore year. Torn between several pursuits including playing collegiate football, working for the local marine park SeaWorld, Werstler continued to write without any major publication outside of the school’s undergraduate newspaper.

He has since graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing. His studies included analysis of fundamental literature spanning a wide view in both historical and geographical aspects.

He has written several short stories and poems as well as create both the story and illustration for the children’s book, “The Fish and the Dove”.

Currently employed by the University of San Diego, he is pursuing further education so as to professionally teach, seek higher education leadership roles, and cultivate a career as an author.

This website seeks to further promote and share Hugo Werstler’s latest projects as well as his daily blog.