About inkandsea.com

Welcome to inkandsea.com

“Thank you for visiting! It is my hope that these stories speak to you and inspire you. Enjoy and share with those you love.” -Hugo

Here you will find the works by the author Hugo E. Werstler. Feel free to comment and share individual works, as well as pose questions to the author himself. 

Mr. Werstler will publish works on a regular basis including his daily posts titled “The Progression of a Writer“. For all other projects including novels, short stories, screenplays, and more, be sure to check in weekly.

Mr. Werstler also publishes many works with corresponding artwork or photographs. Credit has been given to all the wonderful artist that Mr. Werstler has taken inspiration from and links are included to their indivdual sources.

If you would like to contact the author directly please use the following email address: werstlerhu@gmail.com


One thought on “About inkandsea.com

  1. Bravo Hugo! Your writing engaged my soul from head to toe! I thank Rodrigo for sending me this link to your work and will be passing it on to some of my literary friends. Hope to see you put some writing in Cleaver Magazine… More people need to see your writing!!! Thrilled.
    Elizabeth/Tucson AZ


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