The mission of a story.

I wanted to write something different. Something that you could later describe to a friend as quirkey or weird. Anything really. As long as it was not ordinary. As long as it stayed away from that black spot of the human mind where things are lost, hiding behind the affirming nods and understanding smiles. It’s […]

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Color blind, hue #1

  There was once a boy, who was born by the crashing waves of the sea!   Excuse me, I sometimes have a flair for dramaticism, please don’t misinterpret my meaning, for it is not supposed to sound more fantastical than necessary. Let me try once more, simply put this time. When the boy came […]

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The Fish & The Dove

Last April my sister married her best friend.   College sweet-hearts, they quickly established names for each other. He would call her dove and she would call him fish. As a gift for their wedding I wrote and illustrated a children’s book for them. A simple story, I fell in love with the geometric shape of the […]

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