I gasped for life, knowing full well at that moment I should have been dead. I sucked up madly every last droplet from whatever source the water had come from. I could no longer remember how long it had been since I had last had a drink. In order to survive I let myself fall […]

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Website Update: SUCCESS!!!

Hi everyone! I am elated to share that I finally figured out how to retrieve the content of yesterday’s blank post for “Progression of a Writer; Day 17“. I apologize that there was nothing there and hope you will enjoy it. -H. Werstler  

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Progression of a Writer; Day 17

There is a cat outside my front door, and each day it stops by to say hello. I watch as it looks through the metal screen, pondering at the strange creature inside, cooing and singing, doing everything it can to entice the cat to stay a little longer. How interesting it is to find the […]

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Progression of a Writer; Day 16

I left a conversation today as if I had escaped a predator. Exposed and vulnerable, I walked away doing my very best to make clear what had just transpired. The words that I spoke were of my voice and mood, but seemed completely foreign to me in reflection. It was as if I had stepped […]

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