I have given the world a 746,948,862 second head start.

I have reached a focal point in my life that will define the outcome of who I am. In terms of a my dreams and aspirations, the world has been given 746, 948,862 seconds to make use of them. From this moment forward, I am setting the pace to catch each and every one of the things that I want.

For anyone who is fortunate enough to be here at the starting line with me I ask you the following question:

How many seconds have you given the world to run ahead of you? Forcing you to play catch up, your arms always outstretched to grab hold before it sprints off once more.

I am tired of the laps that I have made to bring me to a similar destination. I am tired of excuses that tell me the distance is not too far to cover. I am tired of seeing the back of the person I want to be running in front of me.

I have done to the measurements. The life I dream of has gotten a 746, 948,862 second head start in front of me and the gun in my mind has finally gone off.

The world must use caution going forward… because I’ll be taking the lead from this second forward.


One thought on “746,948,862

  1. Very inspiring. Just goes to show that life can be aggressive and filled with obstacles that are designed of hold you back. You have to figure out how to navigate those and in the process are making yourself a better person. It took me quite a few seconds to realize that the learning never stops and the obstacles never go away, and I am at 1,214,136,000 seconds now. You can stop, or you can keep navigating life and your dreams and get to the finish line content, having given this world your best effort. Great post and keep pushing


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