All the pieces fitting together

Last night, my wife and I began a jigsaw puzzle. We have several outlets of entertainment yet few are as captivating to us as this simple game of intellect and patience. Setting stages of play from clearing the table, to categorizing the pieces, finding the ones that are part of the border, and finally finding […]

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Stress Release

Dive. Dive into the cool depth where it is dark and calm. My head is pulsating, ringing, and tired. I want to sleep and eat and rest and move and do nothing. Any action feels like a burden. So now I will simply try to dive with no sense of direction. What would usually terrify […]

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Progression of a Writer; Day 30

It is a wonderful feeling to write with some normalcy. I am fairly confident I can contribute it to my new requirement of reading. For I am on the cusp of returning to school! There is a feeling of nostalgia intertwined with slight anxiety as the days of summer dwindle away. For too long I […]

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The Seeker; The Cry of the Banshee

 [Its occurrence] is most strongly associated with the old family or ancestral home and land, even when a family member dies abroad. The cry, linked predominantly to impending death, is said to be experienced by family members, and especially by the local community, rather than the dying person. Death is considered inevitable once the cry […]

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The Seeker; The Canyon

Hidden within a sprawling city by the edge of the sea, there a small canyon. The story goes that long ago, a woman lived at the canyon’s mouth. She lived alone as a hermit singing lonesome songs, with only the birds that would visit at her doorstep to listen. She was said to be beautiful and […]

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Progression of a Writer; Day 28

It was a Friday afternoon. Richard had noticed that events were cowards: they didnt occur singly, but instead they would run in packs and leap out at him all at once. –Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere This website, and even more specifically this blog, was intended to catalog my personal creative work. However, today and possibly again […]

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