Progression of a writer: Day 6

I am challenged by the heat of the day. A sense of rivalry starts to rise. 

The challenger?

Simply myself. Every ache I feel in my body and every thought that pleads to hide in the shade, wait out the heat, and try again with better conditions.  

I come into this new week with a strange sense of weakness, as if I have suffered a defeat that has left me vulnerable to all that I wish to accomplish. Yet little has changed. Nothing changed. 

A lock as clicked open in my mind and I am able to understand a simple truth that eluded me through the morning heat. 

I have not changed. 

The challenge seems much clearer now. Not only to smile as hot wind dries my eyes but to make something new from this day. 

I seek the rising of a phoenix, and relish now the heat of the day. 

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