Progression of a writer; Day 22

Another season expires, its warmth fading as the soft whispers of winter’s approach. Fall for me is a season of inhalation. A time of year of observation and reflection. We take in the world in a state of change, watching the colors of leaves change like blood filled with new air, turned red. The chilling air fills us with anticipation of the end of another cycle of the Earth, with holidays to remind us of what we care most for and should always be thankful for.

So as the writer, I find my words established by the weather around me. Each season brings new inspiration to write about it. The excitement of spring and relaxation of summer brought around again to the contemplation of winter in its solitude. Yet for me, I will always see Fall as a time of true life, for everything around me is in motion. The world is active and there is an inspiration in every moment to put down with ink and paper. Water becomes solid and shows the evidence of nature’s trail the next morning. Trees undress in preparation of spring’s newest fashion. And families will once again show compassion that could outlast the harshest cold. The air will be filled with cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and the wind will be our companion whenever we walk outside.

To everyone who saddens at the thought of our departure from the sun, remember we will return soon. Enjoy this time of change. A point in the year when you can literally witness the earth breathing.FullSizeRender

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