An explanation of a digital narrative; The College Try

Dear Reader,

If you have decided to view this post, I welcome you to the following journey. I have reached the point as an author where I am spilling with ideas that have never seen the light of day. With the approach of winter and fresh expectation for the new year, I have decided to warm myself up for the goals I wish to accomplish in 2018. Among them, to complete an entire full-length novel.

The College Try is an experiment in keeping track of my progress of one of my most extensive stories. Instead of dozens of saved files and edits on my computer, it will be presented in real time on this website, episodic in its telling, and quite often filled with grammatical errors. What is important to me is that I let this story be told that has deeply impacted who I am today.

The story may seem confusing at times and entirely boring in others, however, I also believe this story will connect to those who have gone to college and come out different on the other side. It is a tale of not just a single individual but also a collective experience of many. An explanation of a tumultuous time in many youths which their identities and lives are drastically altered.

I am both thrilled and terrified to share this story. While I have taken several events of my own experience, the stories of others and some that never came to have also been included.

Enjoy and please share with others!


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