The Seeker; A Journey to Discover Magic

Hello dear reader,

If you have stumbled upon this entry in search of literature you are in luck! I have decided to embark on a journey and it is my good fortune you have come to see me off.

To show my gratitude I shall promise you this; I will return like the great explorers of old with tales of wonder. I will share with you the encounters I discover with the most hidden details of our world. For I am now a seeker, and my pursuit is to find the magic hidden in our world. -H


Prologue: Issuing Credentials


I feel compelled to begin my quest with some rather dry formalities, and in doing so I apologize for its rather boring nature. Yet please understand, the subject material is amusingly difficult to tether in the realms of reality. The persons I have met and places I have encountered will cause any reasonably well-minded individual to draw suspicion. So in order to give some semblance of trust, I offer the following information:

  1. I am fluent in the English language. In this regard I hope to quell any reader who may have doubts when I use words such as “ghouls” or “goblins”, thinking that I did not have a strong grasp on their definition or I choose them for simple shock value. Both of these assumptions are false, and in truth, I have recollected my encounters for you as they happened without exaggerations or false narratives. Also it worth noting that our common description for ghouls and goblins is rather twisted, and I hope to shed a softer light on their behalf.
  2. I was very lucky. Many of these encounters revolve around precise timing and placement. Had I been a moment late or stood a breath too far, I doubt I would have ever gleaned the knowledge that I did from many of these discoveries. I was also fortunate to have several guides and hope that each and every one of them knows how grateful I am that they shared with me glimpses into their realm of magic.
  3. My best genre of writing is the short story. I tell you this as an explanation in my decision to leave many of my encounters with questions unanswered. I apologize if what I tell you provides less explanation than desired. However it a personal philosophy of mine that these narratives be an invitation. I hope to draw you out, dear reader! Go out and become seekers of magic.

With that that in mind I would like to offer this final remark…

As a writer of fiction, I draw upon my imagination to enrich my characters and worlds. Yet, as time passes I have found it difficult to draw upon that source of internal magic. Life’s constant pace offers no reconciliation, and we are left to evolve into daily routines with less glow or mystery. Thus, my writing has developed and my stories reflect on the realities of this fast-tracked world.

Then dear reader, like so many characters from novels that I enjoyed, my path abruptly took a turn; a new world was revealed to me!

For some time now I have heard a calling; a whisper in the wind to follow the shadows amongst the trees. A shining glimmer to look beneath the dark crevice of the bed and explore grounds covered in early morning mists. I seek to find magic in the world, changed and evolved in our modern age, yet still unfathomable in its magnitude and ability.




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