Progression of a writer; Day 29

I have known for some time that the joy I find in writing is in the exploration of a story. I like to venture into the details and sketch what I find there. More often than not my mind’s eye gets ahead of what my fingers can type and I end up frustrated as I painstakingly try to keep up.

I am figuratively out of breath, unable to keep pace with what I want to say.

However, I am determined to move forward.

I have begun to write on another blog site titled, “The Wolf that You Feed”. It is meant to teach me self-discipline in multiple facets. Be it exercise, cleanliness, and important for this website, my writing. Each day I will post a progression of what I believe to be my top habits. My goal is to make them become as normal as m current habits, some of which I’d rather do away with. Reader, if you are interested in following another tangent of my progression, being my health and well-being, please feel free to visit.

For now, I am content with simply placing words onto the page. I apologize for the long gaps in my writing and hope this post will be one of very few in the future that I must ask for your forgiveness as a reader.

In the meantime please enjoy another story from my most recent series, “The Seeker”

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