Progression of a Writer; Day 30

It is a wonderful feeling to write with some normalcy. I am fairly confident I can contribute it to my new requirement of reading. For I am on the cusp of returning to school! There is a feeling of nostalgia intertwined with slight anxiety as the days of summer dwindle away. For too long I have forgotten the feeling that was a summer break from school. To miss the days behind you, cherishing every last moment of the present, and quietly jubilant of the prospects for the future.

So now my attention has primarily been on my books, doing my very best to absorb their information before I am required to memories specific passages. In doing so, I find my mind turning back to writing and with excitement, find some clarity.

Now, the word I am making permanent on my mind’s eye is discipline. To stave off past leniencies and bad habits.  I hope to show my progress here daily, and if not, at least often.

Too often I have let dust collect on my dreams.

In the coming months, I will make them glisten brilliantly!



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