Another Dream

It was a ghost ship of death pushing its way through my hotel window. Rows upon rows of skeletal remains. I remember feeling strange thinking no person would want to stay there yet my father explained to me some how it was peaceful and serene. “Your mother should passing by now if you want to […]

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A Lost Dream

At the cusp of dawn, I dreamt of a song I can no longer remember. It’s tune lost in the split of light as my eyes open upon a new day. It worsened my mood, and I found myself without fail rising on the lesser side of the bed. My body felt stiff and the […]

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A Dream, no. 1

I was home. The home that was brick, that was surrounded with green, that was safe. I was in my childhood. Of course he would come into that place. A place of such powerful memory. A place that is precious to me. A place that I dare not indulge inĀ for fear that I may break […]

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