Another Dream

It was a ghost ship of death pushing its way through my hotel window. Rows upon rows of skeletal remains. I remember feeling strange thinking no person would want to stay there yet my father explained to me some how it was peaceful and serene. “Your mother should passing by now if you want to see.” He said.

The whole time before I felt the tendrils of memory from another dream. One that I quickly forgot and struggle to decide if it was better to ever remember it at all.

I could faintly remember the last call that I had with my mother before she died. We spoke until every last word between us could be said. She was so proud of the person I was and I loved with every fiber of my being. It was cold winter. I remember the howling wind and snow. I don’t know why she died. I wish more than anything to have brought the sun and saved her from whatever it was. To have hear her say she loves me once more.

I woke up with my heart racing almost unable to breathe. As I lay in bed contemplating what I had seen realizing a terrible strangness has enveloped my thoughts. The dream was peaceful and serene yet shook me to my core to the point that there was tears in my eyes. It was a nightmare, a dream I wish never to see again.

I sat there in the dark, Realizing that I am obsessed with its meaning. Feeling it’s tendrils pulling me back under the waters of sleep.

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