A Lost Dream

At the cusp of dawn, I dreamt of a song I can no longer remember. It’s tune lost in the split of light as my eyes open upon a new day. It worsened my mood, and I found myself without fail rising on the lesser side of the bed. My body felt stiff and the morning coffee bitter. It was as if being parted from my dream and forgotten song had soured the truth of day and I wished nothing else but to return into the darkness of sleep.

For in that sleep, there was a song being played by the voice of another. Sweet in sound as it carried me further from shores of reality. There I walked in a place both familiar and foreign. Structures like those of an amusement park covered the hillsides, and a fictitious sun shined down upon us. She looked at me. This I am sure of. But the color of those eyes, I no longer can place. Nor her face, save that it was beautiful. All I know is that as she looked at me, fixed in her gaze, she began to sing.

The song was familiar, and I knew every word as if it were the letters to the story of my life. I followed her in tune, doing best to keep pace with the words and melody. And for a perfect moment, we were harmonious and my mind became conscious.

My lips parted and instead of song came out a single plea, “Don’t Go.”

The law of dreams had been broken then, and I was cast out into the morning. I lay there, sheets twisted around me tightly, yet I did my best not to move, hardly even breathe. I was desperate to remember the words of the song, cling to the edges of my conjured imagination. I searched for the tendril of recollection that would bring me back. But what I was searching for was like the strand of a spider’s web, and soon it was lost.

Dreams have an incredible capacity to ensnare the conscious mind hours after they pass, leaving us with tendrils of doubt on their purpose and form. For myself, I ponder over their true abilities, and the possibility to connect us with other worlds and places. The song I heard and the woman I saw are strangers to me, yet I am sure of the lasting impression they have left upon me. Should I ever happen to rediscover either in the light of day, I will be sure to take notice, and do my best not to forget them.


The illustration for this piece is by PascalCampion titled, “It’s a New Day.” Please visit his website here to see all of his work; https://pascalcampion.deviantart.com/art/It-s-a-new-day-688786645


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