You wake up thirty minutes later than usual. It’s Friday, life is good, and the morning is here! The dishes in the sink aren’t a hassle to clean, their chatter as they are washed and stacked mingle together with the songs of sparrows outside the window. They seem ever excited for the new day and […]

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Progression of a writer; Day 20

For those interested, the following is a description of the morning of a young author… The author wakes a little before dawn. Not out of practice or discipline but out of necessity from a stomach ache that could no longer be ignored or treated by rolling over in bed. So the author finally rises, first […]

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Progression of a writer; Day 9

Today I bought a coffee that was flavored with the essences of springs from memory.  Honey and lavender stired into thick milk and expresso. It was an endulgence to be sure, yet a feeling of cleanliness soothed my heart and mind. It was a drink of nature, with ingredients that seemed over-joyed to be in […]

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