Progression of a writer; Day 9

Today I bought a coffee that was flavored with the essences of springs from memory. 

Honey and lavender stired into thick milk and expresso. It was an endulgence to be sure, yet a feeling of cleanliness soothed my heart and mind. It was a drink of nature, with ingredients that seemed over-joyed to be in company of one another. 

I thought of my father cleaning the house I lived in as a boy. Ripped towels between his hands and knees he would wipe the tiled floor clean. He looked like a lion, and I as a cub would ride on his back in joy, breathing in the sweet aroma on lavender or lemon.

And I thought of my mother cooking over the gas stove that I once burned myself on as a boy. Dried lavender hung above and I watched with wide eyes as delicious magic was made in front of me.

 I left the coffee shop happy, having discovered a true soul food.

Today I would like to extend an invitation to eat something delicious, be thankful for the ingredients, and cherish the sweet memory that it evokes. Feel free to share bites of course. 

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