You wake up thirty minutes later than usual. It’s Friday, life is good, and the morning is here!

The dishes in the sink aren’t a hassle to clean, their chatter as they are washed and stacked mingle together with the songs of sparrows outside the window. They seem ever excited for the new day and want to tell everyone they know, “It’s Friday, life is good, and the beetle was delicious.”

You get dressed, casual. It’s Friday after all. You can wear your denim jeans, faded to appear overworked and used. In fact they are simple comfort, hugging your legs, looking back at you in the mirror as if to say. “Hey! It’s Friday! Life is good, and we look great today.”

You go to the coffee shop down the street. It’s opened only a minute ago yet the door is unlocked, the barista with the wide smile happy to see you come in. It’s Friday, life is good, and you always get a coffee from her.

A moment of focus now. She is showing a talent. Ground beans are compacted tight, then twisted into the machine. Whistle and steam! It is shouting out, “Yesss! It’s Friday, life is good, and we get to make coffee for him.”

You listen to the noises of the shop, mixed with soft music and softer laughter. The pour is done is silent concentration. The pass is made, and fingers touch. In the middle there is a surface of foam, swirling in the image of a flower. Quietly it speaks to you, “It’s Friday, life is good, and I was made with care for you.”

The first taste is made, and your tongue celebrates the flavors of honey and lavender. But the flower has lost a petal, and across the counter you hear an exhale of sadness. You look at your watch, showing date and time. It reminds you, “It’s Friday, life is good, but you will be late if you stay.”

You take another sip, another moment to remain. The liquid moves within you, warming your stomach. It’s usually twisted in knots, unsure what to do. But today it speaks clearly, “It’s Friday, life is good, and you should ask her.”

So you reach out, learning of the girl with the smile made wider with your words said with foam on your lips, “It’s Friday, life is good, and I want to make you smile.”

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