The Return

Once more I find myself here, a place familiar yet utterly foreign. I find that my mind has taken on a the symptoms of insanity in which I expect to see a new horizon even though I have yet to move. Looking around all I see is a chaotic set of footprints, unsure what direction to take and never courageous enough to set off into some unknown direction. The haphazard tracks have brought me here, to this place of my return. In most cases the return should serve as a destination or result. It should symbolize the achievements of a journey or mark the final steps of a quest. However this will not be the case for me. The Return for me will signify my beginning. It will call upon the motivation of others and dreams that I myself created. I will return to a passion that I have long placed far from fruition in fear that it may be broken or worse… criticized.  For this day on I ask no longer for an audience but only the dedication of myself to return here and prove that I no longer fear the destination that is now in front of me, but instead fall in love with each step and word that I write.

This is my return to writing, and I can’t wait to see where it will take me.



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