Since I could remember I enjoyed the companionship of friends. They served to make my childhood filled with happiness and joy, yet the most powerful memories of friendship that I can still bear are colored in deeper emotion. Feelings of heart ship and even heart break.

When I was in 2nd grade I was friends with a boy named Anthony. In each way that I could define it, we were best friends. Sharing stories and trading lunches. Then there was a day when we had to choose which class in third grade we were to be placed into and I found that Anthony had chosen the other class. What is left of that memory is a youthful desperation to understand why he told me that he wanted to be in the other class. There are simple explanations that could not be reasoned with me at the time. What I needed most was to see that friendship was not a bond that worked like a chain, unbreakable and relentless. How interesting it would be to glimpse how I truly interacted with that young boy and what silly fact came to pass that brought what I believed to be the end of an era.

Anthony fell into the recesses of my memories and was replaced by new friends with new reasons to find them close to my life. In time I hope to share each of their stories, and the importance is has on who I am now. For now I will leave with this first memory of friendship, hazy and clouded with emotion.

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