Progression of a writer; Day 3

My timeline is already off. 

What began as a pledge to contribute towards daily writings has turned into desperate attempts to spark ingenuity onto the page between my breaks at work or brief moments found in heating frozen dinners. 

Having now found a true moment to contemplate my predicament, I find myself staring at an invisible clock. It ticks away just behind my eyes and constantly reminds me that I am losing track of time. How I wish there was a latch now, behind the crease of my ear, where I could reach in and remove the clock’s batteries. Yet I also realize that I do not want time to simply stand still. I want to forget about time in its entirety. To live in a world where language like days and years are as meaningless as words like infinite and immortal. 

Imagine if possible, our world plucked out of the time line. For me, I find the world becomes incredibly loud. The whisper of the wind in the trees becomes a conversation between beings of nature. Our focus is no longer driven by the ticking of a clock, the sound dulling all things that sung out in beauty. 

Voices sound more clear and also the smell of things and the taste of things. With time missing, you suddenly begin to realize the almost infinite details of the world around you. And with so much to behold it is a wonder why people do not crowd around the sight of a bird singing. Celebrate in jubilee the aromas of a meal or cherish the laughter of loved ones. 

Truly, you should Stop and smell a rose. It is a simple request, but I would like to add a second part to it. 

Take the batteries out of the clock too. 

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