Progression of a writer: Day 4

The weather has turned a corner, leaving me to shiver in its wake.

Summer has finally decided to rest its weary head, having spent all of its heat and light over the last long months.

Now is the time of the sweater and spiced drinks with rising steam. Cool air slipping under the arms causing a shiver not felt since kissing beneath the stars and moon of summer love.

Now in the solitude of fall, the memory of summer is all the brighter. The fragrance of flower blossoms and cut grass swirl in my mind, bringing momentum to my feet. I secretly dance with a tune stuck in my head, celebrating all that summer was.

Without meaning, I suddenly find my chest warm and the sweater I wear stifling. But to remove it would be foolish. The weather has already turned a corner, and I am resolved to keep the memory of summer beating warmly in my heart and away from the cold. 

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