Progression of a writer; Day 10 

An apology is in order to all my readers.

I am sorry to have neglected writing each day. I have no excuses, nor do I have a story to share about some fantastical mistake that took place on my way to get coffee. 

All I can share is that life simply went on as dust gathered in the attic of my head where I keep all my thoughts and ideas.

But an important lesson can be learned from this. More times then I could ever imagine, a simplistic fear of starting over kept me from wiping away the marks of stagnation and begin again. I worried that to start over coincisided with a admittance to failure. And yet, here is the simple result. 

I have once again found a way to write anew. 

I say now to any writer who struggles with this lingering sense of dread, “Please, continue on. You will always have an audience captivated to listen to what you have to say. And if by chance they are not, then what you written was meant for you alone and is very special.”

Light pours through the window of the attic. It is time to start again. 

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