Contemplation of the constellations; Mercury

I recently found myself attracted to the external bodies of our solar system. My heart pulled away from Earth, longing to accept another’s gravity. 

As I felt this longing, I contemplated the planet closest to the sun. Mercury, all fire and doom. I remember clearly disregarding it as a child, being featureless and inhospitable. Yet now I realize the decisiveness of its name.

The small planet is passion, without regrets or shame. 

Here is a perfect visual of the ancient Roman god of war. Dressed in the purest of metals, An orb racing the sun without fear, chasing forever its lover Venus. 

But I like to think of Mercury better as a father. Standing between the ferocity of the sun with his family behind him. Silent, he asks for no thanks or approval, but simply a promise to live life to the fullest. 

To live passionately, as if our own hearts were burning like the small planet, Mercury. 

Thank you for reading! I will be writing more about the solar system in the days to come. I was inspired by the Album, “Atlas” by Sleeping at Last. 

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