Comtemplation of the constellations; Venus

I did my best to still my restless legs, bouncing uncontrollably as I stared at a blank page in front of me. 

I could think of nothing to write, though I felt the over welming pressure growing in the void just beyond my right ear. 

“Well?” She finally spoke, the sound hitting the side of my head like newly melted ice. Electricity rushed across my skin suddenly aware of the brisk air around me. 

“I can’t think of anything to say” I finally admitted. I couldn’t imagine how she would react and was of course surprised when I heard her laugh softly, yet also deep and powerful.  

“I do not believe you” she said. “Did you not already find a way to describe Mercury? So few words. Yet it suits him. He is not one for flair or exaggeration. No, let him be a simple idea. Pure.”

“And what of you?” Where the courage came from to ask her the question I will never know. She was quiet for some time, and the air felt stifling in her silence. 

“Call me danger, and let people finally know me beyond the singular guise of beauty. Let people remark at my impossibility, my shear will of refusal. Long have distant eyes looked upon me and wondered what it would be like to touch the ground that is my skin, yet never will I admit it. Call me independent, and forever free from your ferocity to conquer all the known worlds amongst the heavens.”

I stared at the paper that now held the words of the second planet from the sun. 

A world of so terrible in its composition yet still beautiful to behold. 

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