Progression of a Writer: Day 11

I am a bad writer. 

I ask you to not take sympathy or discredit this statement. Simply understand, that I am a bad writer. 

Now, take a moment and realize how incredible it is to write “badly”. To realize how unshackled I now feel. How free I now feel! To write to my hearts content every last thought that crosses my mind. I will no longer take care towards the critic that continually grabs holds of the eraser, telling to wait, stop what I am doing, think twice before I write down that word. No longer. 

I love to write badly. Because for once it means I can write selfishly. I can write with for the simple joy of reading my own words. Enjoy a silly anecdote or sift through a dream I wish to come true. 

To write badly means also to write free. An expression that is not hindered by the worry of acceptance or inclusion. 

Today is a good day. 

How happy I am to “badly” write that statement. 

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