Progression of a Writer: Day 14 (belated release)

I want to share the stories of my life, but I fear the consequences. 

The critism from those whose names are mentioned, painted in colors different from the hue they are comfortable with seeing. I fear their anger and even more so the severing of our relationship. Thier desicion to execute the memories we share, shriveled up until they are dust and forgotten. 

Yet I am desperate to show them what I see! To yell, “Please use my eyes!”

Please place your feet in my large shoes and wear the silly clothes that defined my insecurities. Please know me as the individual that cherishes what you have done to me and permanent marks you have in memory. 

Realize the value that our experiences as the treasures that they are. The real artifacts that may be dusted and bent but shine new through my eyes. 

Please see the sparkle that I see glimmering upon you and know, you are special to me. 

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