Progression of a Writer; day 24

The following note was written in April of last year. I can no longer recall where I was and who I was with. Do we become disconnected from our past? Or does it continue to haunt our present? I sit here contemplating if I am in fact wasting time. If I should be doing something […]

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Door Open

There was a boy on the subway braver than me. Standing there at the end of the car, confident in who he was. The words he was speaking were silent to my ears behind the music I played to shut out the discomfort I felt being so close to strangers. The scene darkened by the […]

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To capture a moment

Have you ever stumbled upon a moment that is not yours? An encounter or action seen from a distance yet it pulls you in. Time slows its pace and details suddenly flash in vivid color and sound. You notice everything. And in the moment of clarity, you understand that the moment belongs to another. What […]

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A Dream, no. 1

I was home. The home that was brick, that was surrounded with green, that was safe. I was in my childhood. Of course he would come into that place. A place of such powerful memory. A place that is precious to me. A place that I dare not indulge in for fear that I may break […]

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Progression of a writer; Day 9

Today I bought a coffee that was flavored with the essences of springs from memory.  Honey and lavender stired into thick milk and expresso. It was an endulgence to be sure, yet a feeling of cleanliness soothed my heart and mind. It was a drink of nature, with ingredients that seemed over-joyed to be in […]

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