Did ever hear the tale, when the world once had the color blue? 

Hello everyone, it has been some time since I posted some writing and I am excited to share this prompt that I wrote on; Writing Prompt: Build the most interesting and engaging world possible while keeping the story as SHORT as possible. Please feel free to comment or even write your on response to the prompt! More soon to come! 

Did ever hear the tale, when the world once had the color blue? It covered vast oceans and fields and skies. Frozen in ice and alive the feathers of forgotten beasts. There once was even a time when the color could be found in the eyes of men. It shimmered with brilliance, brighter even then the fading sun. 

Never forget little one, your ancestors that lived in the world of blue. For in their foolish pride and greed they dug too deep. From the shadows of deep scars came forth an ancient evil. One who vows to make this world nothing but Red

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