Door Open

There was a boy on the subway braver than me. Standing there at the end of the car, confident in who he was. The words he was speaking were silent to my ears behind the music I played to shut out the discomfort I felt being so close to strangers. The scene darkened by the shades I wore on my eyes to hide my wandering eyes checking the intentions of those around me.

Yet there he was, conversing with two police officers. Adamant to become more than just a face in the crowd. To be a person who introduced himself, asked a question, and held a conversation that many rather simply lower their heads and be ignored.

They spoke to one another and I was envious to know what they were saying. Was he asking about the weather? How their families were? Was he asking what they were doing on a subway? Were they looking for someone in particular? I couldn’t tell you what was really said, but I hope at the very least they told one another to have a good day.

We all find ourselves at times surrounded by faces we do not recognize. To the few that declare that they will change faces into people, to embark on an act of bravery, I commend you. For me, I hope one day to do the same. In the mean time, I am happy to share your story and wish you best of luck as you disembark into the wide wide world.

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