Progression of a writer; Day 26

In response to a poet…


And so she approaches.

Get ready!

Steel your nerves.


You are both sun children,

but her brightness is blinding,

her following shadow deadly.


Nowhere to run, no where to hide.

Back pushed against a wall of glass.

Ready to buckle, ready to shatter you into peices.

But it holds, and you can’t break away.


Ensnared in words and

eyes that tighten their coil.

But she never strikes, never

sinks her teeth into your

unblemished skin. Never scuffs your soul.


She lays feathers upon your palms

and passes on,

leaving you to chase after your heart,

lost of all rhythm and pace.


She dragged you out of your hole,

quiet and safe.

There you were master, there you were king.

Ruler of dust,

pushed into even lines, all in order.


Now you are brought out-

and the view overwhelms you.


An encounter with poet, Bri Jurries



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