Progression of a writer: Day 1

I am uncertain how many restarts this series will have and in all likelihood it will be an cyclical until my final days. For now, it is a breath of fresh air. I write on this first day at the end of my second decade of life. Looking back on the past 10 years, most of who I have become has happened during this time. I will always relish my childhood and the memories forever tinted in nostalgia, but more than this I look back at the foolish mistakes and wonderful choices that have led to to where I am now. Do not get me wrong, I most certainly hoping the next 10 years are more productive in several areas of my life especially as a writer and in my journey for health. But I still can remark are novelistic my 20’s were and will do my very best to draw upon them for inspiration of youth, falling madly in love, tear inducing laughter, desperation, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Thus, I begin the cycle again to try and make constant progress as a writer. Only time will tell how far out I go this time before the count is reset and I begin once more.

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